Student loan debt relief

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Can assist you with selecting the right financial aid program to lower or eliminate your student loan debt.

Summit Horizon Financial Services understands that economic conditions and lack of employment has made it difficult for thousands of people to repay their financial aid obligations.

Summit Horizon Financial Services suggest that you give us a call to help you work out a solution that best fits your student loan needs without causing undue hardship on your family. It may be that your student loan debts can be greatly reduced — or even eliminated with the right program.

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Call a Summit Horizon Financial Services Consultant for a no cost/no obligation student loan financial assessment to discuss the benefits and challenges of each approach.

Assistance Available for Department of Education Loans and some Private Loans.

Our consultants can show you what monthly payment you may qualify for and help you correctly file the documents required to consolidate your loans in one of these relief programs. Contact Summit Horizon Financial Services for additional assistance at